Mining operations

As we always start off mining on a small scale, it is important for us to get it right from the beginning, cooperate with people who have mined in the areas we work in, and grow the process with minimal environmental impact.


Kryptk Pacific Chile SpA


The mining operations of Kryptk Pacific Chile SpA are located in the fourth region of Chile (Coquimbo), headquartered near the city of La Serena. This area is home to some of the largest copper & gold mines in the world and is accessible by air, highway and the port of Coquimbo.

Kryptk Pacific Mining operations are approximately 420 kilometers north of Santiago.


This 3100 hectares (7660 acres) gold mine was the focus of Exxon Coal and Mineral geological research in Northern Chile during the 80’s. Neighboring mines include Barrick Gold and ENAMI (A Chilean National Entity) and another major Chilean mining concern.

Surface Testing in progress, Drilling to commence upon completion of the next investment round.

Relying on a printed assessment in the hands of some of our closest advisors, a local mining engineer unearthed a report from the 1980’s detailing the hydrothermal characteristics of an area spanning over 3000 Hectares were suggestive of large gold deposits potentially rivaling other substantial projects in Andes. Unfortunately, at the time, this mine was unreachable (other than by burro) and the project was shelved. Fortunately for our purposes, Barrick has provided access within a few kilometers of the project in the last few years (a result of the installation of a two lane road nearly spanning the width of Chile to reach the Pascua Lama Project on the Argentine border).


1,345 Hectares of copper and gold mines in the La Serena Area.

From our initial, wholly owned, mining operation in Chile which spanned a total of 12 hectares (29 acres), we have expanded in the immediate area to over 740 hecates (1830 acres) with an additional 340 hectares immediately across the valley floor.

A step child of the Pajonales Project are the 265 Hectares located in Condoriaco. These properties were acquired by KPM in December of 2022. While testing and exploration of these properties are still underway, we can report very positive initial results.

Assay summary:
1.5-3.5% copper oxides – up to 2.5 g/ton gold – silver up 78 g/ton Drilling to commence, to determine content and reserve levels of copper sulfides, upon completion of the next investment round.


We have had promising results from a top tier Canadian lab, these results require further testing and exploration over the coming weeks.


Under Active Development:
Copper Ore & Iron Ore (ex Philippines) Mining Projects – Kryptk Pacific Minerals, through our subsidiaries and partners, is excited to announce significant investments in two major mining projects in the Philippines: the Iron Ore Mine and the Copper Ore Mine.

Our aim continues to be facilitating the mining process for locally held or leased mine assets, managing the exportation of ore for processing in China and elsewhere, and ensuring transaction compliance while facilitating funding.

The Iron Ore Mine, renowned for its deposits of iron, copper, and gold, is set for major infrastructure upgrades, with the first load of over 30,000 metric tons scheduled for delivery in February 2024. Additionally, the Copper Ore mine is transitioning to small-scale mining under Kryptk Pacific Minerals' investment, with a capacity of over 2,000 metric tons. The first load is planned for December 2023.

To ensure transparency and strengthen investor confidence, we are committed to providing detailed financial information, including revenue projections and cost analyses, upon request. We've also taken proactive steps to mitigate potential risks associated with investing in the mining sector.


Under Active Consideration:
Copper Ore (ex Mexico) Mining Project – Phase lll Kryptk Pacific Minerals has begun identifying and exploring copper mining opportunities in various locations in Mexico. A team is in place, conforming to the regulatory environment to enable us to move forward with exploration and potential acquisitions.

As Mexico is the largest silver mining country in the world, producing 5,541 tonnes or nearly 20% of the global supply in 2020, KPM has also begun facilitating large silver transactions.


We look forward to addressing any questions you may have. Our team will get back to you as soon as they can.