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We strive to mine resources efficiently with minimal environmental impact, operating with the best in mind for humanity and our environment.

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World demand for our minerals will be impacted by three general factors: (1) The need of these mineral commodities in new and developing technologies, (2) the size of the populations consuming these mineral commodities, and (3) the standard of living that will determine just how much each person consumes. As new materials and applications are found, we expect markets for mineral commodities to expand substantially.

Kryptk Pacific Minerals is committed to working with local people on the ground and in the jurisdictions where we operate in order to benefit our communities and the environments they inhabit. If we are going to “take”, it is essential to us that we also “give back”.

We pledge portions of our profits to reforest land, support local communities, use renewable energy, and apply socially conscious processes.

Safety is of the utmost importance for us; both for the planet and the communities in which we work.


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